The Switzerland Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic 2021 is out and contains 86 solutions.

The project aims to give a comprehensive overview of the “Made in Switzerland” marketing and sales tools. It has been initiated to extend Scott Brinker Supergraphic’s research and build country marketing technology maps. 

The first Swiss Martech was published in July 2019, and today it is already the third version:

  • In 2019, the Swiss Martech Landscape had 50 solutions.
  • In 2020, the Swiss Martech Landscape had 80 solutions.
  • Now, in 2021, there are 86 tools, and some cleanup has been done.

When you look at these numbers, you could think that the growth is slowing down. 

Let me explained

From the 86 tools in the supergraphic, most of them already existed in 2019 and before. It just takes time to build a comprehensive listing of swiss technologies. 

As a reminder, in 2019, the famous Martech5000 contained only 30 tools “Made in Switzerland”. Now, almost all Swiss marketing technologies are on the map. 

If you want to get more information, you can find detailed articles about Swiss Marketing Technologies.

What’s new in 2021

The Swiss Martech Landscape contains 86 solution, and this year eight news tools arrive on the map.

  • Aiaibot, a chatbot solution based on AI
  • Ecomap, an excellent tool to visualize your market research and get insights about your competitors
  • Explorer by 42matters, a solution to explore the App Store and Google Play store
  • Friendly Automate and Analytics, two tools offering marketing automation and analytics
  • GeoCTRL gives people movement insights by analyzing connectivity data such as GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth.
  • Inside Reality let you build immersive experiences and digital showrooms without the need of VR-Glasses
  • lemonads, a performance marketing network that accompanies publishers and advertisers
  • Novadoo, a customer engagement platform to manage gifts and voucher for your audience
  • Uhub, a communication strategy platform helping you to plan, create and analyze your marketing campaigns

From the list above, only a few tools have been created in the last 12 month. The rest were hidden gems lost in the crowed software market.

Let’s highlight a few of them and explore the Swiss Martech trends.

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Create market maps with Ecomap

Ecomap is playing an important role this year with the 2021 Swiss Martech Landscape as it helps to visualize all the tools interactively.

With Ecomap it will be easier to maintain and update the map as soon new tools are popping up.

Create market maps with Ecomap

The solution is developed by Tobias Straumann and his team and offers a database of millions of company records, enriched with relevant competitors, brands and products.

Besides offering a great solution, Ecomap highlights a trend in the software business, the rise of Micro-Saas.

Micro-SaaS are run by a small team and have a narrow focus. The goal is to solve a particular problem for a small but dedicated user base.

With the rise of no-code and low-code, we can expect to see more micro-saas in the future in Switzerland and worldwide.

More and more SaaS offered by agencies

Another trend: Agencies and implementation partners are developing and offering their software-as-a-service.

Ten years ago, the separation between product vendors and implementation partner was clear. The vendors offer the product. The partner takes care of the implementation and configuration. Now the lines between both world become blurred.

It is a global trend. More and more agencies offer their solution, and some of them are pivoting to a pure SaaS business

What are the factors influencing this trend? 

Firstly, agencies are almost daily in contact with their customers. They are implementing a bunch of different tools. They can notice when new needs arise and if there is a current technology stack gap. 

Also, they can identify when several customers have the same issues. It is easier for the agencies to test if a new product will find its market by testing it on their current customer base.

Secondly, it is now easier to develop a SaaS compare to 10 years ago. Development framework, cloud infrastructure, payment system and many more mechanisms are available to help you set up a new solution within a few months.

Finally, agencies are looking for a new revenue stream. Having recurrent monthly fees is undoubtedly a big plus for their bottom line.

There are a few examples of agencies with a SaaS or a digital solution in the Swiss Martech Landscape.

Friendly Automate is a brand new solution and makes marketing automation accessible to any SMB. Its founder Stefan Vetter is also the founder of Wortspiel, one of Switzerland’s leading digital marketing agencies.


Inside Reality, an award-wining immersive solution is supported by One Inside, an Adobe partner building digital experiences for large enterprises in Switzerland.

Uhub is also an interesting example but slightly different. Uhub is a spin-off of BKW, an internationally active energy and infrastructure company based in Bern.

If you go deeper into the Swiss Martech Landscape, you will find other agencies’ solutions.

Explore the landscape and build a swiss martech stack

Finally, the landscape aims to show that it is possible to manage the whole customer buying journey from acquisition to retention with technologies from Switzerland.

For example, I’ve designed an inbound marketing stack only made of Swiss marketing technologies.

Below you can see the final result, and for more detail, please read my article explaining how to attract, engage and delight with swiss-made tools.

Marketing Technology Stack 100% Swiss-Made

Special Thanks

Special thank to Frans Riemersma. Together with his team at MartechTribe, they initiated the project in 2019 and searched, browsed, and scraped the web to collect marketing tools and their corresponding country.

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Author: Samuel Schmitt