Profital: Switzerland’s best shopping guide

Profital is Switzerland’s leading shopping guide and reaches more than 300’000 active users per month.

The free Profital App and website give users a convenient overview of advertising leaflets, catalogs and promotions from shops located in their area. Users can also find opening hours and receive push notifications when new offers are available.

With Profital, retailers can advertise their offers on a shopping platform, where consumers want to see ads. This increases the reach of the leaflets and catalogs and drives customers to store.

Profital: Switzerland's best shopping guide

Profital’s Key Benefits

Profital is a location-based mobile marketing service for retailers.

More than 60 Swiss retailers already advertise their offers with Profital and thus provide consumers with an all-in-one shopping guide.

With Profital, retailers have the opportunity to use an attractive online-channel to address shopping-oriented consumers in the vicinity of their offline stores.

Retailers’ leaflets and catalogs are published in the Profital App, on and in its premium publisher network which also includes Bring, a popular shopping list app.

The digital publication of catalogs or leaflets increases the reach and adapts the popular print leaflets to the use on the consumer’s single most important device, the smartphone.

In addition, Profital enables retailers to address consumers at the moment it matters most: during the buying decision process.

With Profital, retailers benefit therefore from the so-called ROPO effect (Research Online, Purchase Offline).

Thanks to the use of geo-technology, Profital can measure the number of users who visit a store after having read the digital leaflet (store visit rate). With this KPI, retailers can evaluate the impact and effectiveness of their advertising activities.

In addition, Profital was awarded the Best of Swiss App Silver Award for its customized feed-based catalog ads. Profital generates digital catalogs with offers from a product feed and on the basis of the company’s design guidelines.

customized feed-based catalog ads.

The Ideal Marketing Tool for Retailers

The users of the Profital app and website appreciate the large selection of offers. This is why companies from all retail sectors advertise their offers on Profital.

Profital’s current partners include Lidl, C&A, Jumbo, Pfister, Bosch Car Service, Rotpunkt Apotheken, IMPORT Parfümerie, Office World, Kärcher, Fressnapf, ITS Coop Travel, OTTO’S and many more.

Very Easy Setup & Professional Campaign Management

Setting up a mobile marketing campaign with Profital is very easy and almost completely hands-off.

After receiving the campaign confirmation, Profital sets up an automated integration of the store information and – if available – of the digital leaflets. If the latter is not available online, the leaflets/catalogs are made available via e-mail or on a server.

Profital designs digital catalogs on the basis of a product feed for companies wishing to create feed-based catalog ads

Continuous monitoring and optimization of the campaign are guaranteed by the Profital campaign management team. Retailers receive detailed performance reports of their campaigns.

Performance-Based Pricing

The price model is cost-per-click (CPC).

The publication of digital leaflets or catalogs is therefore free of charge, retailers only pay when an interested user clicks on and reads his leaflet.

To ensure that costs stay within budget, each campaign includes a cost cap.

In A Nutshell

  • Location-based display of offers in the leading shopping app
  • Gain more reach by addressing a younger and mobile audience
  • Target users who want to see ads and therefore receiving high-quality traffic (pull marketing)
  • Drive customers to stores after their online research (ROPO effect)
  • Gain insights through detailed performance reports of the campaigns, incl. store visit rate
  • Use feed-based catalog ads as an automated and cost-effective alternative to creating catalogs
  • Easy and hands-off campaign setup
  • Performance-based payment: cost per click, incl. cost cap

Interested? Contact Profital

Raphael Thommen
Managing Director Profital
+41 61 337 87 81
John Rieper
Campaign & Sales Manager
+41 61 337 87 24
Office Information
Profital ℅ Direct Mail Company AG
Reinacherstrasse 131
4018 Basel


What is Tremplin?

Tremplin is an “All-in-One” Marketing Platform and makes easy for small businesses to deploy and manage their digital marketing.

With Tremplin anybody can build its own website in a few clicks. You don’t need to code or to have a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

A marketing consultant 24/7

At Tremplin, we have created the “copilot”.

Copilot is your personal assistant or digital marketing consultant and provides expert-level marketing advice straight into the tools at the right time & personalized. 

Instead of the hassle of navigating between ten different tools, three different support centers, and seven different digital expert blogs. You have it all into one platform, empowering SMEs to go further and to become successful. 

This is what Tremplin is promising: successful digital marketing for all.

Moreover, there is a HUGE knowledge center and a chat where Tremplin’s customers can reach out to the team and get help at any point in time. 

Tremplin is already offering a large range of features and more are coming up:

  • Website creation
  • eShop deployment
  • Online booking
  • SEO
  • SEA
  • Facebook & Instagram add
  • Pop up & data collection
  • Multi-lingual 
  • Multi-currency

SMB love Tremplin

Tremplin’s customers are small businesses, and we love working with these guys. They are here to make a difference and every action they take comes with high hopes and dreams. Yet, a limited budget prevents them from accessing the right advice and expert. 

And that’s why Tremplin is here.

Tremplin is perfect when they are starting their project and overwhelmed with things to do, or after a few years and realize the importance of marketing and want a tool they can really manage. 

One important point: Tremplin’s customers are not the “do it for me” type of businesses. We help them, they remain in charge! 

First steps with Tremplin

You can go on our website and register, you will be granted with a 14-day free trial period. 

The interface is user-friendly, and the step by step configuration will help you to start deploying your first website within a few minutes – even with limited marketing and technical skills.

We believe digital marketing is an on-going process, therefore, we encourage our customers to start small (or get helped from one of our experts) and then add as more features over time as their business grows. The platform is developed to follow our customers with their journey into digital. 

We are a Saas company and our servers are located in France and Switzerland. 

We provide support via the copilot, the chat or the knowledge center. Nevertheless, we love to meet our clients and we offer free workshops every week in Geneva. 

Your professional website starting at 9CHF per month

Tremplin offers a subscription model with premium services on top. 

The monthly fee varies based on the sophistication of the website, a simple one-page website starts at 9.90CHF per month, and for a multi-page website you will have to spend 29CHF per month. For e-commerce, the package costs 39 CHF and comes with additional features. 

You can test the full platform for free for 14 days.

What is coming next

Tremplin is continuously improving and here selected features you will see in the upcoming months:

  • A GDPR help center to help with all legal related questions. 
  • A new version of the copilot embedding a better user experience
  • We are working at providing more advice outside of direct digital marketing straight in a freemium model.
  • More features and advice directly available in our free version

Start today

Go on their website and start with a free trial or contact the Tremplin team for more information at


What is Scoutsss?

Scoutsss dialog is a web-based WhatsApp-like conversation management, 100% automated.

The conversational marketing revolution heralds a new era with personalized chatbot interactions. Continue chatting automatically along the Consumer Journey offers a completely new experience in marketing communication.

We help brands develop digital relationships with consumers

We help brands develop digital relationships with consumers

Imagine to interact with your audience wherever they are, 100% automated. Bridge the physical to the digital world, use games and rewards to engage with your audience. Scoutsss offers AI-supported services in automated conversational marketing.

The possibilities are almost unlimited, whether you create a conversational website with an almost natural interaction sequence or you start a chat to continue a real conversation to gather contact information or feedback. This new form of communication contrasts with today’s one-dimensional practice, which is crowded with text on the smartphone and is correspondingly confusing.

How does it work?

Chat dialogues start with a QR code on products or posters, links via SMS, Facebook, email or as an interactive web page on the smartphone. It feels like a conversation on WhatsApp. Scoutsss chats are web based and require 0% staff.

Scoutsss provides a toolbox for creating chat-conversations together with an audience relations management. Whether as a brand, retail-store, FMCG, service or industry, training institute or public authorities, all have the need to interact directly with consumers on relevant topics: Gather feedback, provide learning content or product information in chats, amaze your customers and build loyal relationships.

With alerts, reports and action-loops you never lose track and with the web-based dashboard you manage all your conversations.

Why automated chats with continued conversations?

  • Delight consumers & continue conversations, 100% automated
  • Power up your sales, marketing & administration processes
  • Live a customer centric culture with marketing leverage

Create your chat-conversations within minutes

Scoutsss is available as a web-based software service (SAAS) on a subscription basis. This can be used in a do-it-yourself process, implemented as a project with digital agencies or CX consulting companies. The Scoutsss platform is multilingual and will be continuously expanded in line with the market requirements.

Getting started

  1. Let us know your needs by clicking on
  2. We select the best module that covers your needs.
  3. We create your account.
  4. You, we or our partners will set up the chat-conversations.
  5. Your consumers start chatting with you, 100% automated.


Starting at CHF 79 per month

Brands love Scoutsss

There are already a lot of companies which trust on automated chat-conversations powered by Scoutsss. Please ask us to share use cases in your industry.


We are working hard to constantly improve and add new functionalities mainly in the areas of AI-support and to synchronize data with other services you might already have in use.  

And … we are looking for partners. 

If you are a digital agency or in the field of CX-Consulting, please contact us.

Chat with us

And click on


What is Adello

Adello is a pioneer in mobile technology; the company started as an early mobile ad network in 2008 and after acquisitions and with the help of venture capital grew into a formidable MarTech company.

Adello is headquartered in Zurich, with subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, and Malaysia.

On the back of several key innovations and patents the company holds some of the industries most prestigious awards for in-stream predictions (machine learning algorithms). Adello’s platform is trusted by hundreds of blue-chip clients and some of the largest agencies.

Machine learning algorithms for mobile advertising

Adello operates AdCTRL™, a patented SaaS mobile advertising platform which is based on Adello’s artificial intelligence technology. The self-learning algorithms optimize directly towards the chosen KPI.

The platform is built with efficiency in mind; it’s simple-to-use interface facilitates the creation and execution of mobile advertising – done in 60 seconds. Adello uses AdCTRL™ for in-stream predictions. Advertisers, media agencies and brands can place advertising campaigns based on predicted interests, affinities and local context, and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Adello is not a data provider, nor a media agency nor an ad network – Adello is neutral and maintains a holistic approach. The better the outcome for the client, the better for Adello as well.

Adello has successfully tackled some of the industry’s largest challenges. Adello launched AdCTRL™ Defender in 2016 to fight fraud by leveraging real-time processing down to taking sensor movement into account – the system regularly beats some of the industry’s largest providers by observing suspicious data and irregular on-device behavior.

The system operates pre- and post-bid. The detailed Adello Fraud Reports provide deep insights into valid and invalid traffic in a subscription model to key customers.

Adello offers a two-column product model

As Adello grew into the clear #1 in mobile in Switzerland and works for some of the most respected media agencies in the world, it became key to build long-term success.

Launching html5 templates in 2011, the famed “Swipe Cube” in 2012, and AdCTRL™ in 2013, every year the team continued to innovate.

Some examples of our mobile creatives. View all in Adello’s creative gallery.

Based on client request and by observing the trend of bringing media buying in-house, Adello launched the SaaS platform for mobile advertising ‘Adello. Direct’ in addition to the managed service model clients had been appreciating.

With this SaaS product – launched in 2018 – customers can access the entire power of Adello’s awarded technology in a simple-to-use interface. Clients can set up advertising campaigns within 60 seconds, saving time and staying 100% in control of their campaigns. The addition of API’s in all directions allows for deeper integration into the growing client technology stacks.

‘We will maintain both product lines for mobile advertising as they serve different client needs. For SaaS, the addition of API’s just made logical sense given our strength in automation and the market trend towards the composable enterprise model.’ states CEO Mark E. Forster.

Early adopters of the new SaaS product are both SME’s and media agencies. As Nils Otto of client Smartsteuer GmbH states: “One of the main advantages of controlling the mobile ads is to derive data learnings for our own products from the advertising performance.

Data transparency allows use to work with the campaign results and further improve beyond what was possible before.”

Pricing models

Adello offers two different pricing models. Managed Service advertising campaigns are managed by Adello’s outstanding key account team.

Their know-how and consulting service have repeatedly been voted best-in-class. With their recommendations and know-how they can deliver even the most challenging advertising objectives with jaw-dropping creative execution, on time and on budget.

On the other hand, Adello.Direct is a SaaS model based on a transparent flat fee on top, giving the advertiser the confidence, that the set budget goes 100% towards the media buy with no hidden deductions.

Roadmap and vision

Mobile advertising remains an industry with tremendous size and momentum. While the early days were the playing field of many intermediaries of all sorts, as the industry matures, reliable, transparent and customizable platforms will be the partners of choice.

Adello will continuously focus on delivering best-in-class customer value. The launch of Adello.Direct SaaS and API’s underline the effort to integrate and align even closer with evolving client needs.

The consulting services delivered by the client-facing team with all their expertise and understanding of value-creation will remain the pillar of future success.

The future is bright. The future is mobile.


What is Profity?

The principle of Profity is simple: We are a network of e-commerce companies and we give gifts to our customers.

If a user makes a purchase via a participating partner shop, they will be given the opportunity to select a voucher from another participating partner shop on the order confirmation page as a thank you. Thus, our partners receive additional traffic from a very online-savvy target group on a pure performance basis.

In Switzerland, Profity is already the biggest e-commerce-network with over 250 participating online shops. Currently, Profity is launching its network in Poland and Italy.

What are the key benefits of Profity

The key benefits behind the Profity services lie in a combination of a unique technology coupled with well over 250 advertiser offerings in a closed network impenetrable by outside search engines on a CPO basis.

Thanks to a dashboard, the advertisers are in the driver seat at all times when deciding their voucher campaigns.

Essential USPs for Digital Marketing Teams

  • Profity provides marketers a monthly audience of over 400’000 people. This audience is extremely online savvy making them very sought after.   
  • Marketers get complete control of their voucher-campaigns.  
  • Flexibility in starting and stopping campaigns.
  • Transparency provided thanks to a state-of-the-art dashboard.
  • A/B testing’s possible and recommended to ensure the best possible results.
Profity dashboard

To become a Profity partner, the following bases figures are required:

  • A decent traffic numbers (above 20k UVs)
  • And professional shop appearance along with an attractive offering for the Profity network.   

Some of the Profity partners:,, Ochsner Sport,,,,,,,,, Sunrise,, Victorinox, and many more

An implementation done within 5 minutes

The implementation process is very straight forward and can be broken down into two distinct steps:

Step 1

The first step is about the set up of the tracking feature.

It will ensure that Profity can display all sales along with all major KPIs. This part takes minutes using standard TAG Manager systems, otherwise the integration can be made directly in the source of the order confirmation page.  

Step 2

Then comes the visuals.

By adding a very simple script on the order confirmation page, it will allow a layer in the form of a gift box to be displayed to the end-users.  

A simple pricing model

Profity charges CHF 4.50 per sale which was derived through the Swiss Network. All connected sales, vouchers sent appear in real-time in the client’s dashboard.

For more information about Profity and its offering, please contact:

adfocus GmbH
Theilerstrasse 7
6300 Zug

Phone +41 44 508 34 17