What is Converto’s Feed Based Advertising?

Converto’s Feed Based Advertising (FBA) places your products and offers in attractive display and video ads.

Converto’s Feed Based Advertising is, as the name suggests, based on feeds. A feed, which contains an advertiser’s product range or catalog of services, is imported into Converto’s content distribution hub.

From there, an advertiser selects the product or service they would like to advertise.

The selected offer is then displayed as a display or video ad on over 450 premium Swiss websites or on digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens.

Combined with Converto’s targeting based on exclusive Swiss data, Feed Based Advertising is ideal for reaching your target audience with your newest offers.

Converto provides personal support for each ongoing campaign and guarantees a 100% save environment for your ads.

Converto’s Feed Based Advertising

What are the key benefits of Feed Based Advertising?

Feed Based Advertising is ideal for generating awareness for an advertiser’s brand, products, and offers.

FBA campaigns generate new customers and reactivate old ones. Several factors make Feed Based Advertising a unique advertising tool:

  1. Feed Based Advertising ads are extremely cost-efficient. They are automatically generated using a brand-specific banner or video template and the product information contained in the feed. One ad template, therefore can be used for a thousand possible ads. Compared to creating a single ad for each offer separately, Feed Based Advertising saves an enormous amount of resources.
  2. The advertiser is always in the driver’s seat of their campaign. They are able to adjust their offers at any time in Converto’s content distribution hub – the Feed Master Engine. The updated ad is live within 4 milliseconds.
  3. This flexibility allows an advertiser to easily react to external circumstances like weather, upcoming holidays or changed market dynamics. Advertisers are able to show their most relevant offers within seconds and to catch their audience’s interest with relevant opportunities.

In summary, Feed Based Advertising offers:

  • Awareness, traffic, new customers
  • Advertising at product level
  • Automatically generated, brand-specific display and video ads
  • Individual banner or video production for each offer is no longer necessary
  • Content of campaigns is customizable at any time
  • Easy campaign management
  • Personal support for each campaign

What are the ideal customers?

Feed Based Advertising is ideal for advertisers with a bigger range of products or services, or customers whose offers change frequently.

The flexible feeds based ads allow for frequent rotation of the offers on display. It is suitable for a wide array of industries such as e-commerce, retail, travel, events, education, etc. Our current customers include Jumbo, microspot.ch, Sarenza, SPAR, and many more.

Discover how the Swiss concept store for lifestyle and design Mooris gained new customers with Feed Based Advertising.

Pricing model of Feed Based Advertising

Prices depend on the features that are booked and on the channels that are activated in a campaign.

The basic version of Converto’s platform, including access to exclusive reports and ad-hoc support, is free.

The media parts of the campaign are transparently charged with models that respect the industry standards.

How does Feed Based Advertising work?

All you need to get started is a feed of your products or offers. Converto’s account management team, who guides you through the setup, imports your feed into the Feed Master Engine.

Converto then produces a display or video ad template, a so-called “smart theme”, for your campaign according to your CI design guidelines.

Once the template is ready, you can start selecting the products and services you would like to advertise. You have access to the Feed Master Engine at all times, which not only allows you to control your campaign on product-level, but also provides valuable insights about which of your products are most popular amongst your customers.

Our account management team provides regular reports of your campaign’s performance and is happy to assist you at any time.

How does Feed Based Advertising fit in a marketing stack?

Feed Based Advertising stands at the very beginning of the sales funnel: it creates awareness for your brand and products.

As such, it boosts the performance of any subsequent marketing actions. It can also be used as the basis for re-marketing campaigns, reaching out to potential customers who have already shown interest in a product but have not yet completed a purchase.

In terms of technological integration, Feed Based Advertising easily interacts with external systems such as analytics tools, adservers, PMPs, social media platforms, shop systems, feed generators, etc.


At Converto, our technology is constantly evolving according to our customer’s needs. We are at the forefront of the latest technological developments in digital advertising.

Our latest achievement is the integration of Feed Based Advertising into a unique cross-channel marketing ecosystem: Converto’s content distribution hub can now be used as a starting point for marketing campaigns across both on- and offline channels.

The FBA-ads displayed online or on digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens serve as the first touchpoint in a seamless customer experience that continues across e-mail and print.

This cross-channel approach allows for effective storytelling and remarketing across on- and offline media. A first pilot-phase has shown that this approach vastly increases the effectiveness of each marketing action.

Contact Information

To discuss the advantages Feed Based Advertising can bring to your company, contact their Head of Sales:

  • Danilo M. Ciaravolo:
  • Tel: +41 (0)43 255 20 14
  • Email: danilo.ciaravolo@converto.com

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