What is dizmo?

Dizmo, The Interface of ThingsTM, is a patented integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

The platform enables fast and interactive use of data, services, and processes. It normalizes data into dizmo microapps and allows interoperation.

Thus, complex data management tasks become simple and intuitive. As an iPaaS, dizmo empowers scalable integration between the various systems operated by everyone from marketing and sales teams, to logistics personnel and developers.

Key benefits of iPaaS in marketing

Your marketing department may have chosen a darn good all-in-one comprehensive cloud marketing toolset. But new needs and desired features will arise all the time.

Most companies run on various systems – especially between their sales, marketing, and service departments. Each system and platform may be playing an integral role in the business. But a plug-in here, a separate BI tool there, and fast-growing data volume. Very quickly, siloes are created.

One of the meatiest challenges companies face today is the need to unify data from multiple sources. An important German eCommerce company offers a recent iPaaS marketing use case. They use iPaaS to get a unified view of their marketing spending performance.

For example, it is invaluable to be able to integrate Google advertising tools, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Power BI. You can then easily answer the question “OK, how much did we spend on marketing” and “how did we perform against budget?”.

Previous manual data collection methods were tedious and time-consuming. As an alternative, the German eCommerce company turned to iPaaS technology to bring it all together into a central data hub and onto a unified KPI dashboard.

The marketers do not have to log-in to different accounts to access the marketing data, resulting in a streamlined and efficient workflow. But most importantly: by harnessing the potential of automated integration, companies can enjoy huge upswings in productivity.

“It’s all about data”

Database marketing, data-driven marketing, predictive marketing, CRM, or just call it Big Data.

The B2B go-to-market process today aspires to be entirely data-driven. Marketers are under pressure to manage, collect, and exploit data. iPaaS can help with that.

According to marketing research specialists Ascend2, circa 60% of marketers recognise integrating disparate technologies as the biggest barrier to success.

Data is the “new oil”, but you need integration to unlock the potential of it. Any application today needs to be able to integrate. Yet until recently, data integration has been a glaring deficiency of cloud marketing tool sets.

What iPaaS is with dizmo

Dizmo dynamic integration takes iPaaS a step further. Surface data from previously siloed systems as microservices onto a user interface (UI). Then dynamically integrate the data with other microservices.

Outcomes? For example, one customer has reported that correct, first-time-right decisions increased by 30%  while handle time for cases was slightly reduced.


Dizmo is an enabling environment where one surfaces APIs as microservices represented by fully interactive digital objects and interoperates them. Simply push and “dock” them together to exchange data dynamically between them.

Act fast

Think of your cluster analysis tool in the context of your CRM marketing campaigns. Now think of dynamically integrating AI decision assistance into it, to course-correct actions across all your campaigns. Immediate action on real-time recommendations may mean the difference between hitting your KPIs or not.

The ability to surface an API, on-the-fly integrate and workflow – all in a No Code way – is a powerful differentiator for dizmo.

Luigi Mantellassi, CEO at dizmo

Patented No Code

Underlying all of this are a handful of patented data interaction techniques that enable integration to become more intuitive. When you push two digital objects together via docking you enable app2app communication. Essentially it’s coding, but without seeing the code.

Use cases: iPaaS marketing scenarios aplenty

The following are just a few of the scenarios where the dizmo front-end iPaaS approach can provide real innovation and value in front-office and marketing related operations.


With iPaaS powered automation, marketers can spend more time acquiring a deeper analysis of their performance against marketing budget, or strategies for customer acquisition & retention, or generating those insights to optimise campaigns and improve ROI. Cut time spent on tedious data collection tasks and make follow-ups painless.


You cannot be clicking between tabs in a time-squeezed environment – you only have the time it takes to get a phone call done to make that upsell. Imagine consulting product reviews or recommendations engines on-the-fly in your service centre console.

Customer service

App screens that make it necessary to click between apps or tabs can seriously destroy value, call centre handle time and first-time call resolution metrics. What percentage of incoming calls are about “Where’s my order?” Imagine being able to surface the order tracking system management into the agent’s workspace.

Single view of the customer

In customer relationship management, the constant challenge is to achieve that Single View of the Customer. In large organisations, just aggregating the data can be a massive issue. A digital strategist in one of the world’s top 10 banks recounted how they have been trying for about 15 years and yet failing to achieve this single customer view. Dizmo creates a way around that.

Get started with iPaaS

If you are a professional creating integrations for several other people, iPaaS may be of interest.

You may have some system integration expertise as part of a consultancy or boutique integrator. Or, you may be a developer or IT business unit manager, thinking strategically about the increasing number of applications that are being used in your business processes and operations.

Dizmo recently worked on creating smoother workflows in analytics and improving performance at multinational insurer AXA.

Contact information

Reach out to us at contact@dizmo.com to learn more about what dizmo and iPaaS can do for your marketing operations. Happy to talk further!

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