What is Profity?

The principle of Profity is simple: We are a network of e-commerce companies and we give gifts to our customers.

If a user makes a purchase via a participating partner shop, they will be given the opportunity to select a voucher from another participating partner shop on the order confirmation page as a thank you. Thus, our partners receive additional traffic from a very online-savvy target group on a pure performance basis.

In Switzerland, Profity is already the biggest e-commerce-network with over 250 participating online shops. Currently, Profity is launching its network in Poland and Italy.

What are the key benefits of Profity

The key benefits behind the Profity services lie in a combination of a unique technology coupled with well over 250 advertiser offerings in a closed network impenetrable by outside search engines on a CPO basis.

Thanks to a dashboard, the advertisers are in the driver seat at all times when deciding their voucher campaigns.

Essential USPs for Digital Marketing Teams

  • Profity provides marketers a monthly audience of over 400’000 people. This audience is extremely online savvy making them very sought after.   
  • Marketers get complete control of their voucher-campaigns.  
  • Flexibility in starting and stopping campaigns.
  • Transparency provided thanks to a state-of-the-art dashboard.
  • A/B testing’s possible and recommended to ensure the best possible results.
Profity dashboard

To become a Profity partner, the following bases figures are required:

  • A decent traffic numbers (above 20k UVs)
  • And professional shop appearance along with an attractive offering for the Profity network.   

Some of the Profity partners:,, Ochsner Sport,,,,,,,,, Sunrise,, Victorinox, and many more

An implementation done within 5 minutes

The implementation process is very straight forward and can be broken down into two distinct steps:

Step 1

The first step is about the set up of the tracking feature.

It will ensure that Profity can display all sales along with all major KPIs. This part takes minutes using standard TAG Manager systems, otherwise the integration can be made directly in the source of the order confirmation page.  

Step 2

Then comes the visuals.

By adding a very simple script on the order confirmation page, it will allow a layer in the form of a gift box to be displayed to the end-users.  

A simple pricing model

Profity charges CHF 4.50 per sale which was derived through the Swiss Network. All connected sales, vouchers sent appear in real-time in the client’s dashboard.

For more information about Profity and its offering, please contact:

adfocus GmbH
Theilerstrasse 7
6300 Zug

Phone +41 44 508 34 17

What is is a cross-channel advertising platform that helps marketers to be successful in search & social advertising.

To do so, consolidates campaign management of the most used search & social ad networks into one platform. Our chat-based software acts as a virtual employee that assists in campaign creation, reporting, and optimization. 

We are a Swiss Startup based in Lucerne, supported by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Google as part of their “Channel Sales Acceleration Program”.

The need for cross-channel advertising

Quickly searched for something on Google, switched to the Twitter timeline and watched a video on Instagram. The cross-channel use of digital content is natural today and happens every minute. As this is natural for us as users, it is important for businesses and brands.

Cross-channel advertising allows you to be present with ads at the right time where your target audience is moving.

Specifically, this refers to the delivery of paid content on different devices and different channels such as social media, search or display.

The goal of cross-channel advertising is to enable your audience across channels to move deeper into the acquisition funnel towards “buying” your product or service.


Once your campaigns are active across multiple channels, it takes more time to get an overview and update the campaigns for optimization purposes. Where did I get the results yesterday? What costs have been incurred? Is there room for improvement?

To keep you on track, we created Our self-service platform brings the following key benefits into your daily work:

  • Simplified campaign management for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Twitter Ads.
  • Improved campaign performance by automated optimizations.
  • More effective team collaboration thanks to individual process automation (e.g. campaign review).
  • Custom enterprise integrations using the API.

Getting started

As a virtual assistant, works with your ad accounts. The start is really simple: 

  1. Register yourself for a full-featured free trial of 14 days.
  2. Connect your existing ad accounts or create new ad accounts directly in (account creation only for Google Ads).
  3. Import existing campaigns if you like to do so. 
  4. You’re ready to start!

Check out our “how it works” video to see in action.

Cross-channel campaign creation

New campaigns can be created in our chat or by using the full-featured creation process. Depending on the goal of your campaign, hooks in different steps and suggestions.

In general, supports the creation of following campaign objectives across the corresponding channels:

  • Traffic: Bring more people to your website.
  • Engagement: Increase the interaction with your content.
  • Video views: Increase the range of your videos.
  • Conversions: Encourage people to perform specific actions on your website.
  • Retargeting: Show ads to people who have visited your website.
  • Shopping: Market products from your online store (Google Shopping only)
Cross-channel campaign creation with

Automated campaign optimizations

Active campaigns get checked periodically for optimizations and important information. As soon something interesting happens, you get notified. Depending on your needs, you can configure to check your campaigns daily, all 3 days or weekly.

You can apply or dismiss suggestions by answering the message in our chat-based application. Here are some examples, what checks for you:

  • Ad Performance compared to industry benchmarks
  • Comparison of multiple ads in your campaign
  • Ad Relevance rating
  • Keyword performance (Google Ads)
  • New Keyword ideas (Google Ads)
  • Campaign statistics
Automated campaign optimizations with

Overall reporting

With you get all your search & social advertising statistics in one place.

In our campaign reporting dashboard, you can find all the needed data from ad to channel level in a few clicks. To get more information out of a campaign created in, you can link your Google Analytics account.

Our system retrieves metrics from your Google Analytics data and maps them to your campaigns by UTM tags (e.g. Bounce Rate or Avg. Session Time). This way you get important information from different channels and the impact on your website directly in’s reporting UI.

Campaign reporting with

Pricing plans

We offer plans that differentiate in used features and advertising spend, to support the needs of our customers, from small businesses to enterprise customers. For all plans, a free trial of 14 days is included.

Basic: 49 CHF / month

  • Google Ads & Facebook Ads
  • Unlimited campaigns & optimizations
  • 1 User
  • Up to 2’000 CHF monthly ad spend

Premium: 149 CHF / month

  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads & Twitter Ads
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Unlimited campaigns & optimizations
  • 1 User
  • Up to 5’000 CHF monthly ad spend

Enterprise: Individual offer

  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Unlimited campaigns & optimizations
  • Multiple users
  • Individual integrations
  • Individual ad spend
  • API access

Next steps currently knows around 40 different checks that get applied on your campaigns to evaluate the most important next step action. It’s already possible to create a chat-based campaign by answering a few questions based on the campaign objective. 

We keep on working hard to make our virtual assistant as intelligent as possible.

The goal is to create effective new campaigns with as little effort as possible and optimize them automatically towards your goals. To do so, we’re very happy to work together with Google as part of their “Chanel Sales Acceleration Program”.

Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook to get notified for news about our next steps and new features!

Digital advertising webinars

We love to share thoughts on digital advertising topics together with partners in our webinars.

To get some more information about or in general if you’re interested in digital advertising, check them out! You can find an overview of our past and upcoming webinars here.

Let’s connect

Are you interested in what we’re doing or do you have questions about your digital advertising challenges? Just leave a message to


What is Storyshaker?

Newsroom Communication is the young Swiss organization behind the Storyshaker tool.

But Newsroom Communication doesn’t just specialize in technology; content production is also a major part of its daily business, making them one of the leading digital communication agencies. Newsroom Communication has set itself an ambitious goal: To deliver technology and content from a single source.

What are the key benefits of Storyshaker?

The SaaS tool Storyshaker connects self-generated cross-media content with posts from your social media community.

It permits curated multichannel publication on websites, apps and big screens with just a single click. Using the Storyshaker also allows creating a state-of-the-art content hub for the website within a couple of minutes.

The innovative tool can be used for companies, events or associations. Storyshaker provides a lot of features that make the daily publishing work of a digital marketer effortless and less time-consuming:

  • Connect own content with user-generated content – Integration of social media content with one click or with an automatic feed.
  • While creating a new story, you can decide to publish the content with a single click to your Facebook or Twitter account – adapted to the respective platform.
  • The linking of multiple Storyshakers to a Content Network makes content exchange with partners easy. Newly generated stories within a Storyshaker Content Network will be pooled in the draft room of linked Storyshakers and can be released by a single click.

Is Storyshaker right for you?

The Storyshaker has been used by over 100 clients in many different industries: FDP, VFB Stuttgart, Eintracht Frankfurt, BSC Young Boys, Swiss Economic Forum, Tour de France Bern, Valiant Bank, Hotellerie Suisse, Swiss Olympic, World Tourism Forum, Schweizerisches Rotes Kreuz, and many more.

The Storyshaker has been used by over 100 clients in many different industries

A lot of small / mid-sized companies and organizations lack professionalism and online presence. Sometimes, even large and seemingly professional organizations neglect their digital/online channels. But as we all know, they became essential within the past decade.

You can do two things to tackle to the problem: Either you spend a lot of money for an expensive website and make sure you’re up to date on all social media channels, which is time-consuming.

Or you can buy a Storyshaker subscription: A SaaS solution which provides you with a dynamic content hub on your website and collects user-generated content from your community.

In addition, it comes with a built-in editor which helps you to cover all relevant social media channels in no time. This costs a fraction of the price as opposed to the first option and is implemented in seconds and without a deep IT- knowledge.

More about Storyshaker customers:

Swiss Olympic: Linking swiss sports with the content network

Storyshaker pricing model

The Storyshaker operates as a SaaS business model. Clients buy either a monthly/yearly recurring subscription or an event-based one off-plan.

Hosting, support and updates are included. According to the features the client needs, the service is offered in three different paid plans and a freemium version.

More about Storyshaker pricing plan.

Start working with Storyshaker in a few minutes

The registration works fully automatically. The client only needs to sign-up for one of their plans and within a few minutes, their own Storyshaker is ready.

The configuration is very simple and if a client has any problems or questions, the following tools can help them: E-Mail support, FAQ, chat on the Storyshaker website and in the backend.

How does Storyshaker fit in a marketing stack?

Thanks to the possibility of having paid posts or Call to Actions an organization can easily develop a new source of income. Whether sponsors of events, exhibitors at fairs or advertisers at conferences, give your partners the possibility to advertise whilst you stay in control.

A premium client has full access to the Storyshaker API.

A premium client has full access to the Storyshaker API.

What is coming next

The Storyshaker team is working hard on new features and in the upcoming months, you will be able to try these new functionalities:

  • LinkedIn integration
  • New frontend designs
  • New editor and multi-channel publishing process

Get Started with Storyshaker

Sign up for your free trial on and discover how easy it is to set-up your own content hub.

Contact Information:

Benjamin Blaser – Chairman of the Board & Director of Business Development

Newsroom Communication AG
Eigerstrasse 2
3007 Bern

+41 31 511 37 10
+41 31 511 37 11 (direkt)
+41 76 341 11 89 (mobil)

Online editorial and publishing system elias®

What is elias®?

elias® is an online editorial and publishing system.

With elias® publications such as annual reports, fact sheets, media releases, data sheets, user manuals or teaching materials can easily, cost-effectively and securely be created and published cross-media.

The easiest way to automate professional publications

The informational behavior of investors, customers, employees and other stakeholders is becoming increasingly diverse. As a result, communication is more demanding for companies. This new media diversity is insufficiently covered by the classical communication approach. New solutions are needed to increase efficiency, optimize communication processes and cut costs. 

There is a promising solution for these challenges: The automation of publications by using the online editorial and publishing system elias®.    

automation of publications by using the online editorial and publishing system elias®.

Simple and efficient

elias® is designed for outstanding usability: The handling is so simple that even people without prior knowledge find it easy to work with elias®. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, publications can be jointly created within the shortest possible time.

To ensure that all publications are visualized consistently cross-media, the editors have various easy-to-use content elements at their disposal. The integrated Excel connection allows complex tables and conclusive charts to be automatically created and adapted.

All publications are stored in one place but are only accessible to assigned editors. This ensures both security and collaboration in a publication. By editing publications together, time-consuming correction processes can be avoided and the creation time significantly reduced. This leaves more time for other tasks while increasing the efficiency of the whole publication process. 

Flexible and independent

With elias® publications can be created, edited and published regardless of time, place or device. Thanks to easy access via the Internet browser, elias® can be used without any additional software installation. This strengthens the independence and flexibility of the user.

Individually programmed templates for print and online publications ensure that the defined corporate design is followed throughout every publication. The consistent presentation of publications increases the perceived quality of corporate communications. 

Any ambiguities can be quickly resolved thanks to a complete support database and individual customer support.

Safe and reliable

elias® makes security a high priority. In order to ensure that access is only granted to the designated users, a 2-factor authentication system and many other security mechanisms are used by elias®.

A comprehensive authorization system controls the access rights within the company. With the help of different authorization levels, publications can be released or blocked for individual users. 

elias® offers the highest system availability. This allows unlimited access to publications. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

elias® makes security a high priority. In order to ensure that access is only granted to the designated users, a 2-factor authentication system and many other security mechanisms are used by elias®.

Experience has shown that the elias® approach works. Users appreciate the simple operation and high process reliability. In addition, considerable increases in quality and cost savings are achieved shortly after.

Now anyone can benefit from publication automation

elias® pursues the vision of the simplest online editorial and publishing system. Publication automation is now accessible to companies for whom automation previously was not affordable or too complex.

elias® makes security a high priority. In order to ensure that access is only granted to the designated users, a 2-factor authentication system and many other security mechanisms are used by elias®.

The functional range of elias® adapts to the needs of the user. This modular setup makes elias® an affordable solution.

How can I get started with elias®?

A personal and free system demonstration can be requested on the website. Throughout this presentation the particular possibilities and benefits of elias® will be shown.

If a customer chooses to work with elias®, the appropriate templates will be programmed according to his/her individual requirements. It only takes a few days to start working with elias®.

Needless to say, during the implementation phase, all elias® users are well supported.  

However, experience has shown that elias® can be independently operated after a very short time and productivity increases rapidly.

Together towards the future of corporate publishing

Behind elias® is a Swiss agency with many years of experience in the conception, design and implementation of professional corporate publications. This experience and the specific know-how are the very foundation of elias®.

elias® is provided as a SaaS-solution. This allows customers to benefit from the continuous further development and improvement of the system. In response to new customer needs and requirements, additional functions are implemented on an ongoing basis.  

elias® in 124 seconds

Learn more about elias®

Visit our website or email us at

Atracsys’ PopupExperience

What is Atracsys’ PopupExperience?

Atracsys Interactive is a Swiss software company specialized in Multi-Touch Multi-User applications for large touch screens.

We develop and design software focusing on natural interactions, immersive user experience and Multi-User collaboration, an example of such is our PopupExperience application.

The PopupExperience application offers to our clients a new way to interact with their prospects and customers. It is innovative, intuitive and gives a deeper impression to their product presentation.

Key Benefits & Features

Organize your promotional material – videos, presentations, pictures – in a clear data structure and make it easily accessible to anyone, at anytime. With the touch of a finger, your customers are able to experience together all of your digital assets.

Our PopupExperience application is a native Windows application which is internally developed in Lausanne.

Our clients’ solutions are introduced as a mind-mapping organisation to allow an optimal communication, without neglecting a high design customization.

Also, our strength is to offer an interface allowing multiple users to view different contents simultaneously on the same media, in a very reactive way.

Indeed, our former EPFL, Lausanne Switzerland engineers have developed a highly optimized code based on the same approaches as a video game engine.

  • Create multi-touch presentations in just minutes.
  • Upload 100’s of your HD Pics, Videos, and Text.
  • Advanced UI/UX, custom look and feel.
  • No Coding Required!
  • Compatible with any Windows-based touch device. Win7/8/10
  • Ideal for large format touch displays, interactive kiosk, touch tables, and tablets.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Surface for mobile presentations

Who are Atracsys’ PopupExperience customers?

Atracsys Interactive collaborates with all industries, from SMB to Fortune 500 thanks to its wide range of interactive solutions.

  • Watch industry: For Baselworld, our customers such as Omega or Longines use our solutions to present their new products efficiently and in a detailed way.  
  • Museums: Atracsys Interactive is a trusted partner for numerous museums in Switzerland,    such as Geneva and Lausanne museums, Red Cross Museum,  Swatch museum, etc. The PopupExperience application gives deeper information to visitors for temporary and long term exhibitions.
  • Fortune 500: We collaborate with large companies and imagine solutions available in their lobby to present to external visitors the different campuses, departments, last company innovation, etc.

Regardless of the industry, the main purpose of running a PopupExperience application is to give a different approach by involving the visitor in the presentation while having a strong impact.

Most of our clients confirm that an interactive software helps them share the right brand message to their customers during a commercial presentation or during a product launch.

Indeed, for such industries with very specific products, a visualization of the context is an asset – watching and understanding at the time.

How to get started?

Allows us to give you a demo and experience the affordability of our software and hardware.

Need an entire experience created from scratch?

Whether you are at the initial planning and budgeting phase of your project or if you already have a working concept for your experience, we can help.

We offer free interactive experience building consultation services as well as project management and support to ensure a well-executed deployment.

For further information, please click contact them here.

How does Atracsys’ PopupExperience work?

Great interactive experiences begin with a solid content strategy.

The very first step is to develop content that customers can engage with and be immersed in. We are passionate about strategy and design which is why we offer easy to use licensed software and/or custom creative solutions with some of our most trusted creative developers.

According to our development process, you or your agency will provide the data structure and the UI design. We will then bring your design to life within a few working days.

Import your content and publish it to enjoy your Multi-User Multi-Touch application.

Also, every PopupExperience has its own individual content management system (CMS), unique to the underlying data structure. The Swiss-hosted atracCloud services give you data security and full control over your content.

Manage all your PopupExperience in one place and deploy on multiple devices at once.

The various access levels even offer the possibility to delegate content management to third parties such as a communication agency.

What is coming next

We strongly believe that delivering the best possible product is more important than short-term profitability. Therefore we will always go the extra mile to earn the full satisfaction of our clients.

Our products are constantly evolving according to our clients’ needs and wishes.

We are continuously working on our content management system to make it as flexible and intuitive as possible.

Our brand new functionality is a marketing add-on based on visitor content read tracking: titled The Basket, allows users to collect content of interest quickly in a single place and then transfer it to their smartphone, simply by scanning a QR-code.

Let’s connect with Atracsys

Contact us either via our website or email to