What is SIGNIFIKANT.ONE and who are we?

SIGNIFIKANT.ONE is a software that revolutionizes the mass media advertising market. It enables advertisers and marketers to measure the impact of their marketing campaigns.

For the very first time ever, they can precisely determine the amount of contacts needed to generate a specific conversion across on- and offline channels. This way, not a single Dollar gets wasted.

Signifikant Solutions AG is an independent start-up based in Switzerland. We have developed the SIGNIFIKANT.ONE software as part of an Innosuisse research project in cooperation with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the Association of Swiss Advertisers (SWA/ASA) and some of the largest advertisers in Switzerland. 

What problems do advertisers & marketers face nowadays?

The advertising market is facing a huge problem. Like Henry Ford (or John Wannamaker) once said: Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don’t know which half.

According to a recent study done by Kantar (2018) this leads to big challenges in measuring the marketing performance, understanding omnichannel (online & offline) behavior and optimizing media investments.

And therefore, they still struggle in creating strategies to reach their customers.

But now they can get the most out of their marketing budget

Our SIGNIFIKANT.ONE dashboard solves this problem. Advertisers and marketers are able to get the most out of their marketing budget and…:

  • finally gain more control in the media controlling process
  • helps them getting the job done in a most efficient way
  • allows them to continuously optimize mass media marketing campaigns

Meaningful KPIs help to measure the success of marketing campaigns in a most reliable way

  • Introducing one single currency called RCC (Required Contacts per Conversion), which has been scientifically proven
  • The CPC (Cost Per Conversion) indicates the Return on Investment

It works simple, smart and fast


Our intelligent solution explained in 4 steps:

  1. Media and conversion data (on- and offline) are automatically collected and integrated into our data pool. At the same time, we enrich the data with other information such as weather data, media spending of competition, and many more.
  2. In this step a highly automated process ensures the best data quality and also validates the data.
  3. From around 200 high-performance, scientifically tested algorithms, those that best fit the campaign are automatically selected and applied to achieve reliable results.
  4. The results are presented transparently, clearly and in an easy to understand way in the SIGNIFIKANT.ONE dashboard

Easy to access

Our tool can be taken into operation with little efforts. After signing our licensing agreement, customers may access SIGNIFIKANT.ONE easily via web browser. Our integration partner helps them if little development on the interface is needed so that conversion can be displayed automatically.

A short tutorial helps users to get familiar with the tool so that they can get the most out of it. If in any case further assistance is needed, they may contact our integration partner who will help them gladly.

Let’s connect with Signifikant

Contact us either via our website or email to


What is dizmo?

Dizmo, The Interface of ThingsTM, is a patented integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

The platform enables fast and interactive use of data, services, and processes. It normalizes data into dizmo microapps and allows interoperation.

Thus, complex data management tasks become simple and intuitive. As an iPaaS, dizmo empowers scalable integration between the various systems operated by everyone from marketing and sales teams, to logistics personnel and developers.

Key benefits of iPaaS in marketing

Your marketing department may have chosen a darn good all-in-one comprehensive cloud marketing toolset. But new needs and desired features will arise all the time.

Most companies run on various systems – especially between their sales, marketing, and service departments. Each system and platform may be playing an integral role in the business. But a plug-in here, a separate BI tool there, and fast-growing data volume. Very quickly, siloes are created.

One of the meatiest challenges companies face today is the need to unify data from multiple sources. An important German eCommerce company offers a recent iPaaS marketing use case. They use iPaaS to get a unified view of their marketing spending performance.

For example, it is invaluable to be able to integrate Google advertising tools, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Power BI. You can then easily answer the question “OK, how much did we spend on marketing” and “how did we perform against budget?”.

Previous manual data collection methods were tedious and time-consuming. As an alternative, the German eCommerce company turned to iPaaS technology to bring it all together into a central data hub and onto a unified KPI dashboard.

The marketers do not have to log-in to different accounts to access the marketing data, resulting in a streamlined and efficient workflow. But most importantly: by harnessing the potential of automated integration, companies can enjoy huge upswings in productivity.

“It’s all about data”

Database marketing, data-driven marketing, predictive marketing, CRM, or just call it Big Data.

The B2B go-to-market process today aspires to be entirely data-driven. Marketers are under pressure to manage, collect, and exploit data. iPaaS can help with that.

According to marketing research specialists Ascend2, circa 60% of marketers recognise integrating disparate technologies as the biggest barrier to success.

Data is the “new oil”, but you need integration to unlock the potential of it. Any application today needs to be able to integrate. Yet until recently, data integration has been a glaring deficiency of cloud marketing tool sets.

What iPaaS is with dizmo

Dizmo dynamic integration takes iPaaS a step further. Surface data from previously siloed systems as microservices onto a user interface (UI). Then dynamically integrate the data with other microservices.

Outcomes? For example, one customer has reported that correct, first-time-right decisions increased by 30%  while handle time for cases was slightly reduced.


Dizmo is an enabling environment where one surfaces APIs as microservices represented by fully interactive digital objects and interoperates them. Simply push and “dock” them together to exchange data dynamically between them.

Act fast

Think of your cluster analysis tool in the context of your CRM marketing campaigns. Now think of dynamically integrating AI decision assistance into it, to course-correct actions across all your campaigns. Immediate action on real-time recommendations may mean the difference between hitting your KPIs or not.

The ability to surface an API, on-the-fly integrate and workflow – all in a No Code way – is a powerful differentiator for dizmo.

Luigi Mantellassi, CEO at dizmo

Patented No Code

Underlying all of this are a handful of patented data interaction techniques that enable integration to become more intuitive. When you push two digital objects together via docking you enable app2app communication. Essentially it’s coding, but without seeing the code.

Use cases: iPaaS marketing scenarios aplenty

The following are just a few of the scenarios where the dizmo front-end iPaaS approach can provide real innovation and value in front-office and marketing related operations.


With iPaaS powered automation, marketers can spend more time acquiring a deeper analysis of their performance against marketing budget, or strategies for customer acquisition & retention, or generating those insights to optimise campaigns and improve ROI. Cut time spent on tedious data collection tasks and make follow-ups painless.


You cannot be clicking between tabs in a time-squeezed environment – you only have the time it takes to get a phone call done to make that upsell. Imagine consulting product reviews or recommendations engines on-the-fly in your service centre console.

Customer service

App screens that make it necessary to click between apps or tabs can seriously destroy value, call centre handle time and first-time call resolution metrics. What percentage of incoming calls are about “Where’s my order?” Imagine being able to surface the order tracking system management into the agent’s workspace.

Single view of the customer

In customer relationship management, the constant challenge is to achieve that Single View of the Customer. In large organisations, just aggregating the data can be a massive issue. A digital strategist in one of the world’s top 10 banks recounted how they have been trying for about 15 years and yet failing to achieve this single customer view. Dizmo creates a way around that.

Get started with iPaaS

If you are a professional creating integrations for several other people, iPaaS may be of interest.

You may have some system integration expertise as part of a consultancy or boutique integrator. Or, you may be a developer or IT business unit manager, thinking strategically about the increasing number of applications that are being used in your business processes and operations.

Dizmo recently worked on creating smoother workflows in analytics and improving performance at multinational insurer AXA.

Contact information

Reach out to us at to learn more about what dizmo and iPaaS can do for your marketing operations. Happy to talk further!


What is NANOS?

NANOS is a Swiss startup, based in Zurich, composed of a dynamic and fast-growing team of machine learning specialists, engineers and designers.

NANOS team works in close collaboration with the Computer Science Department of the Federal Institute of Technology/ETH in Zurich.

Together, with experience and innovative ideas, they created an online marketing platform that allows everyone to create and place ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google in one simple interface in seconds.

With the following key features NANOS finally makes it possible for everyone to advertise online:

  • No marketing or design knowledge required from the users
  • Ad creation and placement will happen in less than 10 minutes
  • Ads will be placed on multiple platforms at once, without setting up separate accounts for each platform
  • Anyone can start from as little as CHF 5.-
  • NANOS targets and optimises the ad campaign automatically across multiple platforms on a daily basis
  • Accessible from anywhere – Nanos is mobile-first

Now anyone can advertise online

NANOS is therefore the perfect solution for anyone who does not have the professional knowledge, a huge marketing budget or just wants to save a lot of time on advertising while concentrating on other important things.

NANOS leverage machine learning algorithms to make online advertisements effective and accessible not just to marketing professionals and large brands but also to small businesses without large marketing teams and big marketing budgets. 

The clients gladly share their success stories with you – get inspired and take your business to the next level with simple and effective marketing by NANOS.

Next level with simple and effective marketing by NANOS

Start with as little as CHF 5

The NANOS pricing model is attractive for anyone who wants to be very flexible with their marketing budget – you can start with as little as CHF 5.- and there is no subscription fee for our service.

NANOS applies a 17% cut from the overall marketing budget of the ad campaign – for the services of creation ads, placement on multiple platforms at once and for the continuous cross-platform optimization during the life cycle of the campaign.

As of September 2019, there will also be a free platform to advertise any products or services called NanosAds.

Integrate with Google, Facebook and Instagram

NANOS makes the life of its customers drastically easier by combining the process of setting up accounts at various platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram), by creating ads being automatically adapted to the restrictions of the platforms, as well as by continuous automatic optimization of their ads to make sure the ad is performing well everyday.

Users can immediately start placing ads in less than 10 minutes through our platform by just following a few guided steps.

This makes NANOS not just the ideal tool for non-expert users, but also for professionals and agencies in regards to valuable timesaving.

Furthermore, there is a chat support function and we additionally offer 1:1 super calls with NANOS consultants.

Using machine learning algorithms we automate most processes involved when someone wants to create and place an ad campaign on various platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Nanos), with the tool being packaged in a very simple and intuitive interface.

Most important, it precisely targets the requested audience of our customers to make their marketing spend as effective as possible.

What is coming soon

With NanosAds, going live in September 1, 2019, NANOS has an amazing new feature coming up.

NanosAds will be a platform where advertisers can place ads for free and their potential customers can find them through Google organic search. Customers can then directly chat with the advertiser.

With this platform we are providing our clients a direct-to-consumer way to reach out and talk to their perspective leads.

Get Started with NANOS

In order to contact NANOS, you can either visit their website and chat with their team directly or send an email to

Feed Based Advertising

What is Converto’s Feed Based Advertising?

Converto’s Feed Based Advertising (FBA) places your products and offers in attractive display and video ads.

Converto’s Feed Based Advertising is, as the name suggests, based on feeds. A feed, which contains an advertiser’s product range or catalog of services, is imported into Converto’s content distribution hub.

From there, an advertiser selects the product or service they would like to advertise.

The selected offer is then displayed as a display or video ad on over 450 premium Swiss websites or on digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens.

Combined with Converto’s targeting based on exclusive Swiss data, Feed Based Advertising is ideal for reaching your target audience with your newest offers.

Converto provides personal support for each ongoing campaign and guarantees a 100% save environment for your ads.

Converto’s Feed Based Advertising

What are the key benefits of Feed Based Advertising?

Feed Based Advertising is ideal for generating awareness for an advertiser’s brand, products, and offers.

FBA campaigns generate new customers and reactivate old ones. Several factors make Feed Based Advertising a unique advertising tool:

  1. Feed Based Advertising ads are extremely cost-efficient. They are automatically generated using a brand-specific banner or video template and the product information contained in the feed. One ad template, therefore can be used for a thousand possible ads. Compared to creating a single ad for each offer separately, Feed Based Advertising saves an enormous amount of resources.
  2. The advertiser is always in the driver’s seat of their campaign. They are able to adjust their offers at any time in Converto’s content distribution hub – the Feed Master Engine. The updated ad is live within 4 milliseconds.
  3. This flexibility allows an advertiser to easily react to external circumstances like weather, upcoming holidays or changed market dynamics. Advertisers are able to show their most relevant offers within seconds and to catch their audience’s interest with relevant opportunities.

In summary, Feed Based Advertising offers:

  • Awareness, traffic, new customers
  • Advertising at product level
  • Automatically generated, brand-specific display and video ads
  • Individual banner or video production for each offer is no longer necessary
  • Content of campaigns is customizable at any time
  • Easy campaign management
  • Personal support for each campaign

What are the ideal customers?

Feed Based Advertising is ideal for advertisers with a bigger range of products or services, or customers whose offers change frequently.

The flexible feeds based ads allow for frequent rotation of the offers on display. It is suitable for a wide array of industries such as e-commerce, retail, travel, events, education, etc. Our current customers include Jumbo,, Sarenza, SPAR, and many more.

Discover how the Swiss concept store for lifestyle and design Mooris gained new customers with Feed Based Advertising.

Pricing model of Feed Based Advertising

Prices depend on the features that are booked and on the channels that are activated in a campaign.

The basic version of Converto’s platform, including access to exclusive reports and ad-hoc support, is free.

The media parts of the campaign are transparently charged with models that respect the industry standards.

How does Feed Based Advertising work?

All you need to get started is a feed of your products or offers. Converto’s account management team, who guides you through the setup, imports your feed into the Feed Master Engine.

Converto then produces a display or video ad template, a so-called “smart theme”, for your campaign according to your CI design guidelines.

Once the template is ready, you can start selecting the products and services you would like to advertise. You have access to the Feed Master Engine at all times, which not only allows you to control your campaign on product-level, but also provides valuable insights about which of your products are most popular amongst your customers.

Our account management team provides regular reports of your campaign’s performance and is happy to assist you at any time.

How does Feed Based Advertising fit in a marketing stack?

Feed Based Advertising stands at the very beginning of the sales funnel: it creates awareness for your brand and products.

As such, it boosts the performance of any subsequent marketing actions. It can also be used as the basis for re-marketing campaigns, reaching out to potential customers who have already shown interest in a product but have not yet completed a purchase.

In terms of technological integration, Feed Based Advertising easily interacts with external systems such as analytics tools, adservers, PMPs, social media platforms, shop systems, feed generators, etc.


At Converto, our technology is constantly evolving according to our customer’s needs. We are at the forefront of the latest technological developments in digital advertising.

Our latest achievement is the integration of Feed Based Advertising into a unique cross-channel marketing ecosystem: Converto’s content distribution hub can now be used as a starting point for marketing campaigns across both on- and offline channels.

The FBA-ads displayed online or on digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens serve as the first touchpoint in a seamless customer experience that continues across e-mail and print.

This cross-channel approach allows for effective storytelling and remarketing across on- and offline media. A first pilot-phase has shown that this approach vastly increases the effectiveness of each marketing action.

Contact Information

To discuss the advantages Feed Based Advertising can bring to your company, contact their Head of Sales:

  • Danilo M. Ciaravolo:
  • Tel: +41 (0)43 255 20 14
  • Email:


What is Nexoya?

Nexoya helps you to get all your KPIs together and brings data-driven decisions to modern marketers.

Nexoya is a platform which offers marketing analytics to digital marketers. Nexoya allows you to easily get all your digital marketing metrics into one place and then leverage artificial intelligence to use predictive analytics, look into correlations and monitor KPIs using modern anomaly detection.

The company is a young startup founded in 2018, and is based in the center of Zurich.

What does Nexoya offer to digital marketers?

Nexoya offers consolidated analytics & reporting services that can help you to easily create marketing campaigns and reports with the help of multiple marketing tools. Moreover, Nexoya’s dashboard gives you an overview of your entire digital marketing performance across various marketing tools and channels that you are using for your marketing strategy.

Nexoya dashboard

With Nexoya’s marketing campaign management feature, users can plan their marketing campaigns on one single platform and get predictions of how likely these marketing campaigns will be successful. Nexoya’s predictive analytics will help marketers to adjust and optimize their marketing campaigns for better results.

Nexoya’s marketing campaign management

4 main features of Nexoya’s -AI marketing intelligence platform:

  • Aggregated marketing data & reporting
  • KPI & campaign predictions
  • KPI monitoring with anomaly detection
  • KPI prediction or anomaly detection

Key audience

Nexoya is best for digital marketing teams with an aim of getting easy access to their digital marketing KPIs & Reports. Most of our users are digital marketing teams comprising 3-20 people from various industries or agencies, who want to automate reporting and campaign management for their customers.


We’re currently offering a one month trial during our beta phase. Anybody is invited to apply and become an early adopter!

Sign up here!

Tool Usage and the Onboarding Process

Our tool is self-service. The customer can completely onboard by himself/herself within 5-10 minutes.

Note: At the moment, we’re in the beta phase, so we are assisting customers with the on-boarding process.

After connecting all your tools, (such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Hubspot, Twitter, MailChimp, etc.) it takes roughly 5 minutes before you see the first data on the dashboard. Afterward, you can start monitoring your campaigns immediately. Our Monitoring and Campaign Prediction kicks in after 24hrs – where we initiate all your data and do the first scans with our artificial intelligence models.

Nexoya Campaign Prediction

Customer service

Depending on the tier of the customer, there are various support levels. The lowest tier has a simple support form with the best effort answer time. The higher packages have slack-channel support and direct contact points to our customer success team.

Feel free to contact Nexoya via email:

Upcoming features and news

We are constantly improving our services and adapting them to meet our customer needs. Already planned and the work-in-progress are the Advanced reporting capabilities, such as campaign reporting, funnel-reporting, and social media reporting.

Continually, we integrate new adaptors. In the near future, we will add MailExpert, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Shopify, and Youtube.

Furthermore, Nexoya offers marketing performance advice to digital marketers on topics such as campaign optimization, SEO or social media. Our goal is to become your virtual digital marketing assistant who helps you in running your digital marketing in the most efficient and effective way.

We are constantly working on new ideas to help our customers to develop and learn more about AI itself and how marketers can benefit from it. Our upcoming E-learning course about AI in marketing that will be out in August 2019 is a good example of such developments.